Maestro'D (player: Spry)




Cool =0
Hard =0
Hot +2 *
Sharp +1 *
Weird =0

Champagne sabre (2-harm)

The Pageant of Mysteries
Main attraction: Spectacle, supported by drinks and coffee).
Atmosphere: “The club’s velvet booths smell of cigars and spices, and while it may feel intimate and draped in shadow, it’s also easy to overhear the table talk next to you.”
Security: No fixed location, a bouncer who knows his biz.
Cast: Toyota (best regular), Lamprey (worst regular), Rolfball (wants part ownership), Gams (wants repayment), Been (wants it shut down).

Fingers in every pie: put out the word that you want a thing — could be a person, could be somethin somethin, could even be just a thing — and roll+hot. On a 10+, it shows up in your establishment for you, like magic. On a 7-9, well, your people make an effort and everybody wants to please you and close is close, right? On a miss, it shows up in your establishment for you with strings wicked attached.

Everybody eats, even that guy: when you want to know something about someone important (your call), roll+hot. On a hit, you can ask the MC questions. On a 10+, ask 3. On a 7-9, ask 1:

  • how are they doing? what’s up with them?
  • what or who do they love best?
  • who do they know, like and/or trust?
  • when next should I expect to see them?
  • how could I get to them, physically or emotionally?

If you hook another character up — with sex, with food, with somethin somethin, whatever — it counts as having sex with them.

Oban Hx
Hide +2
Gravel +2
Big Lug +3


Everyone calls him Oban, named after his favorite brand of whiskey, if you believe the story. And he understands things. He knows the way it goes. If you’re special, you’re an endangered species. If you’re too pretty, or if you’re too good at something, or if it’s too easy to fear you, a settlement is no place for you to live. Eventually the mundanes show up at your door with torches and cold eyes full of envy. You get dead for being special.

Oban learned the best thing to do was to get out of town long before that happened. That’s why he started the Pageant of Mysteries — as a kind of traveling home for all the strange and beautiful creatures left on this coin of a world. And what a pageant it is. They always come in during sleep cycle, when the townsfolk are all tucked in bed. By moon-drop the tents are all set up and the vehicles arranged in a maze of cooked sweets and cheap trinkets. And the shows — you see some of the best entertainment ever. And then, after you’ve gotten properly drunk off the whole experience, but before you realize you’ve spent too much money — they’re gone. Off to some other village down the road.

Oban doesn’t take part in the pageant, but he keeps a watchful eye on his people from Club Penumbra, that rolling cantina bar he sleeps in. He’s got an easy smile, likes to wile away the hours after a show in his club, and he’s playful as a lion after a meal.

Don’t fuck with the lion.

He’s got a scarred face with frank eyes, dresses in vintage wear over his lean body, and has the playful hands of a seasoned bartender. Be careful of the champagne sabre he carries around — it cuts more than just cork and glass.

The club-bus is Oban’s physical establishment, and its main attraction is spectacle (people in the Pageant hang out when they aren’t performing) as well as drinks and a rare commodity: coffee. The club’s velvet booths smell of cigars and spices, and while it may feel intimate and draped in shadow, it’s also easy to overhear the table talk next to you.

It has no fixed location, which helps it, and Big Lug is the best damned bouncer Oban has ever employed.

The Pageant of Mysteries has groupies, and some follow the caravan from town to town, hoping to get a job with the Roustabouts or a stolen night of sex with the skinner. One regular is a cute little thing named Toyota who wears her hair in pigtails and has a brooch made from some old car’s hood ornament (hence her name). Toyota is Oban’s favorite, and has her own booth in Penumbra where visitors and performers alike can buy her a drink for a story.

There are problematic ones, too, like Lamprey, who follows the Pageant and keeps trying to audition for the show despite the fact he has no discernible talents and he’s ugly as roadkill.

Rolfball wants part ownership of the Pageant.
Gams expects Oban to repay him for the generators he built to make it work.
Been is the hardholder from up north who wants the whole operation shut down because it costs his burlesque show business.


Most attractive to Oban is the tattooed vixen Hide.

Big Lug is Oban’s favorite because he keeps Oban’s ass safe.

There is nothing that makes Oban feel safe about Hide. That’s why she’s a great lover and also why she’s not his favorite.


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